“Dan Tobin is an original thinker, not afraid to challenge the common wisdom. At a time when many choose to climb aboard a bandwagon or follow a fad, Dan stakes out his territory with insight, backed by experience and research.”
- Ken Steiger, President of Steiger Training & Development

“Executive, author, great guy: Dan Tobin isn't just a brilliant visionary for today's organizational challenges, he's a humble leader whom Jim Collins would describe as Level 5. Dan is one of those rare people who could easily spend all day impressing you or singing his own praises but never does. Instead, his energy goes into building a highly capable team that does great work serving a clear purpose. I've witnessed this as an outsider looking in on his operation. Dan's a builder. A man of purpose. A great thinker solidly grounded in the realities of the world, and a decent human being connected to the people around him. Dan Tobin is the kind of ideally capable executive that an entire industry has evolved to describe.
- Don Blohowiak, Executive Coach

"Dan balances the best of his wisdom from experience in areas of learning design, business thought leadership and project/team management with a constant curiosity of 'what's next'. He manages both the tactical needs as a manager, from designing new processes and redefining roles, and the strategic needs as a department leader. He is a thoughtful sage…"
- Patricia Leonard, Divisional Vice President, Global Business Development at Laureate Online Education

"Dr. Tobin's expertise and insights were invaluable. His ability to adopt his models and theories to meet the needs of our smaller organization were outstanding. Prior to and during the engagement, Dan has been flexible and very easy to work with. I would highly recommend him for this kind of work for any organization developing leaders."
- Curt Swenson, PHR, Vice President/ Master Coach & Facilitator at FutureSYNC International

"I worked with Dan at Aspen Technology as one of his HR collegues. Dan built the training and development function from the ground up. Dan is both a visionary as well as an outstanding executer. He has a natural ability to make sound organizational assessments and quickly bring forth a well rounded recommendation and approach from his wealth of experience and personal research. Of particular note was the Advanced Leadership Development Program (ALDP) Dan put in place during his tenure at AspenTech. The program was designed to prepare the next generation of leaders for higher levels of responsibility in both management and technical leadership roles and included 24 months of classroom, individual development and coaching as well as team assignments focused on real company problems. The program was very successful and many of the participants have continued on in larger roles both within and outside of AspenTech. I continue to find Dan an incredible resource even after 4 years since we last worked together."
- Karen Kinsley, Vice President Human Resources, Life Sciences Solutions Group at Thermo Fisher Scientific

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