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         All Learning Is Self-Directed: How Organizations Can Support and Encourage Independent

Learning  -- American Society for Training & Development, 2000.  (ASTD member can get a

discount ordering directly from ASTD)


John Cone', Vice President, Dell Learning, Dell Computer Corporation

“At a time when technology is making it possible for people everywhere to take charge of

their own learning, Tobin's book is an important reminder that companies cannot abdicate

their responsibilities to the process. The 'what ifs?' are thought provoking and the learning

assignments in each chapter not only model the new paradigm of learning; but offer

practical actions that can be taken right away."





         The Knowledge-Enabled Organization: Moving from Training to Learning to Meet Business

           Goals – AMACOM, 1997



    “Rarely does a book come across my desk that has enthused me as much as THE

    KNOWLEDGE-ENABLED ORGANIZATION, which truly captures the spirit of a new era in

    employee learning and organizational transformation. Daniel Tobin challenges the

    assumptions and established rhetoric of business practices and organizational culture. He

    does that by suggesting that we replace traditional training methodology with a more

    holistic approach to learning. This new approach is a more accurate description of what is

    taking place in many successful, knowledge-driven organizations today.”    



         Transformational Learning: Renewing Your Company Through Knowledge and Skills –

           John Wiley & Sons, 1996   


                Theodore B. Kinni, Founder, The Business Reader    

                The solid linkage Dan Tobin forges between the core value of continuous learning and the

            never-ending quest for profitability is an essential extension to the idea of the Learning

            Organization. Small, medium, and large companies can use Tobin's ideas to create a

            learning strategy that directly supports corporate renewal and long-term growth."





            Re-Educating the Corporation: Foundation for the Learning Organization – John Wiley & Sons,



                Frank J. Riley, Sr. VP, The Bodine Corporation

         Re-Educating the Corporation shows managers how to obtain a vast body of knowledge,

            tempered by experience, from their fellow workers. … Dan Tobin has done a great service

            by outlining a practical, on-going activity for the change in continuous improvement that

            all corporations need to survive.”


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Most people who attend a conference get only a small proportion of the learning value available to them, their work groups and their companies.  In this new e-doc, available from, you can learn how:

§    To capture more value from any conference you attend.

§    To learn about topics that aren’t on the conference agenda.

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This e-doc includes a worksheet and dozens of tips to maximize the value you get from any conference you attend.  People who have used the methods outlined in this document state that they have increased the value they received from attending a conference by 3 to 10 times! 


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Ř     The Fallacy of ROI Calculations – Why training groups should never attempt ROI calculations.  An alternative to ROI calculations.

Ř     Take Responsibility for Your Own Learning – How to plan your own learning agenda to help you achieve your personal and organizational goals.

Ř     Using a Human Resources Advisory Board as a Strategic Tool – How to organize and train an Advisory Board to help you plan and sell your programs.

Ř     Mentoring and Coaching – The difference between mentoring and coaching and the benefits of each.

Ř     New Roles for Middle Managers – In today’s flattened corporation, the middle manager must take on new and different responsibilities.

Ř     Build Your Personal Learning Network – Employees at all levels need to take responsibility for their own learning.  Learn how to build a personal learning network to support your learning efforts.

Ř     Correcting Functional Myopia – The inability to see past local goals has hurt more corporate transformation efforts than any other factor.


Ř     Discussion Points – Occasional Dan Tobin musings meant to stimulate discussions within corporate training groups and between corporate training groups and corporate management.



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