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This is the homepage for Dan Tobin, author and speaker on Corporate Learning Strategies.  Please explore this website to learn more about Dan Tobin and Corporate Learning Strategies.  Dan Tobin’s books and several articles on this website may help you think differently about the challenges facing your corporate training group.  Feel free to contact Dan Tobin with any questions about the content.


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The AMA Guide to Management Development, published by AMACOM, May 2008 – now in its second printing.


§  Designed for HR, training, and management development professionals who are looking for a comprehensive approach to developing managers in their organizations

§  Presents the AMA Management Competency Model – 46 management competencies in the categories of

o       Knowing and managing yourself

o       Knowing and managing others

o       Knowing and managing the business

§  Discusses the full range of management development activities, from self-study to developmental assignments

§  Who is responsible for management development – the roles of the organization’s leaders, the HR group, the training group, and most importantly the employee and his/her manager

§  Starting with the end in mind – how to plan and evaluate your organization’s management development activities.


The AMA Guide to Management Development by Daniel Tobin and Margaret Pettingell is a valuable resource full of best practices for uncovering management potential in your employees.”  Ken Blanchard


“Tobin and Pettingell have masterfully synthesized and integrated the complex and often confusing domain of management and leadership development.”  David Ulrich





Dan Tobin focuses his writing and speaking on helping training organizations:

ü      Connect their programs directly to organizational goals.

ü      Introduce new learning methods, ranging from e-learning to coaching and mentoring programs to action learning.

ü      Help their companies’ employees learn and share their knowledge with others through the building and utilization of knowledge networks.

ü      Design high-impact learning programs that have a direct impact on the company’s bottom line.


Dan Tobin, founder of Corporate Learning Strategies, has worked in the training and development field for the past 30 years.  He is the author of four books on corporate learning strategies and has consulted, conducted seminars, and given keynote addresses on five continents.


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