Corporate Learning Strategies

Daniel R. Tobin, Ph.D.


Discussion Points


The following “Discussion Points” are brief ideas that are meant to stimulate discussion with you business and professional colleagues.  They are drawn from Dan Tobin’s experience, research, and writing.  Watch for a new discussion point each month.


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Discussion Point #1: What If …?


What if every manager, at every level starting with the chairman of the board and cascading downward, were to start every staff meeting with this question: “What have we learned since our last meeting that will help us improve our products, our services, our operations, our quality, or our profitability?


I believe that the first time or two that the question was asked, it would be met with blank stares and few answers.  I also believe that if the question were asked repeatedly, at the start of each staff meeting, people would soon get the idea that answers were expected and would make certain that they were ready to answer each query with something they had learned.  This, in turn, could open up very productive discussions on improving products, services, operations, quality, profits, etc.


Isn’t this what a “learning organization” should be all about?



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