Dan’s Approach

Take your business to the next level with the assistance of Dan Tobin, corporate leadership strategist. For the more than 30 years, Dan has been recognized by his employers, corporate clients, workshop participants, and readers for creating learning initiatives that help achieve business goals and strategic initiatives.

Dan works as a consultant and coach for corporate learning groups. This includes training organizations, the corporate university, human resource development, and management/leadership/talent development. Through his methodology, the “Learning Contract,” he takes training groups through the process of answering the following questions:

  • What are the company's business goals?
  • What needs to change in order to meet those goals?
  • In order to make those changes, what needs to be learned?
  • Once learning takes place, how will it be applied to the employee’s work?
  • What difference in business results should be expected from the investment in learning?


Dan Tobin has created a methodology called the Learning Contract to step training groups through the process of answering these questions.  You can learn more about learning contracts from Dan's books and from some of the free articles on this website.  Dan can provide you with a customized on-site workshop to teach you how to use the Learning Contract, or you can learn the methodology through a “workshop on CD” that walks you through the process and provides a toolkit to build your organization’s own Learning Contract.


Dan’s book, Feeding Your Leadership Pipeline, presents a proven model for developing an organization’s next generation of leaders.  Each leadership development program is custom-designed to meet your company's requirements. Elements of such a program may include:

  • Formal education sessions with leading business school professors, industry consultants, and company executives tailored to the specific learning needs of your participants
  • Action-learning projects on a team or individual basis to reinforce learning and start solving some of the important challenges facing your company
  • Presentations of the results of the action-learning projects to your company's executives
  • Individual participant assessments (360 Reviews, MBTI, Disc, or other assessments)
  • Individual development plans for each participant
  • A variety of ways to involve your organization’s current leadership team in developing the next generation.


Whether you are a one-person training department or a larger development or HR group, you can depend on Dan Tobin to help you. Some of the ways he can assist you include:

  • Leading strategic planning sessions for your company's training/learning efforts to plan for the next fiscal year's training agenda
  • Working with your training group to determine how learning can best prepare employees for a major company change initiative
  • Acting as a coach for the head of the training group
  • Working on a retainer basis as an on-call resource for your training group – helping you as needed with strategic planning, review of training programs, evaluation methods, and/or training design issues
  • Coaching your training team on the design of a specific learning initiative or the redesign of a program to include action-learning strategies, as well as follow-up activities to ensure learning is transferred to the learner’s work
  • Observing a current training program and providing insights and methods to make it more interactive, more action-oriented, and more engaging for the participants
  • Let Dan guide your organization through a structured strategic planning process to ensure all learning efforts provide measurable results. Let Dan guide your organization through a structured strategic planning process to ensure all learning efforts provide measurable results.

Contact Dan Tobin to learn more about any of these services.