Feeding Your Leadership Pipeline: How to Develop the Next Generation of Leaders

As boomers retire in droves over the coming years, many companies have done little to ensure that they have the leadership talent ready to replace them.  Ignoring this fact could cost your company its future success – or even its very existence.

The time to implement your own company’s leadership development program (LDP) is NOW!  Be prepared when your current leaders decide to step down.  In Feeding Your Leadership Pipeline, Dan Tobin presents a proven model to build and nurture your company’ leadership pipeline so that you have the bench strength you will need to carry your company to a successful future.

The model for your LDP is flexible, and includes all of the planning and execution steps you need to take to ensure your success, including:

  • The four basic components of the LDP model
  • How to get your LDP started, designed, and up and running
  • Who needs to be involved in the planning and execution of your LDP
  • How to identify and assess high-potential candidates for your LDP
  • The cost of running an LDP and the higher costs of not having one
  • The measurable results you can expect from implementing the LDP model

Throughout the book, you’ll find helpful charts, sample forms, diagrams, and models, as well as success stories to guide you.  The appendix also provides a wealth of topics you may choose to use in your LDP.

Praise for Feeding Your Leadership Pipeline:

“No one doubts that both leadership and investment in leadership matter.  Tobin offers pragmatic, tested, and insightful approaches and tools to effectively creating a Leadership Development Program.  The concepts are particularly tailored to small and medium sized enterprises where improved talent can quickly make a difference.  His four components of LDP (education, experience, guidance, and reinforcement) are well thought through and the book offers very specific worksheets for making these happen.  Any leader, HR professional, or trainer would be well served to follow his advice.
- Dave Ulrich, Professor, Ross School of Business, University of Michigan

“Feeding Your Leadership Pipeline is the most comprehensive, practical, and inviting book on the fundamentals of leadership development that I have had the pleasure of reading. Dan Tobin has done a masterful job of compiling all the tools, plans, processes, and programs that every small and medium-sized business needs to develop its future talent. And, it’s extremely easy to read and easy to use. It’s an extraordinary achievement, and you don’t need to look any further than Feeding Your Leadership Pipeline for all the expert advice and counsel you need to build the leadership muscle in your organization.”
- Jim Kouzes, bestselling coauthor of The Leadership Challenge and Dean’s Executive Professor of Leadership, Leavey School of Business, Santa Clara University

“Dan Tobin’s Feeding Your Leadership Pipeline, is another gift to the industry from a man who is not following the trends, but setting them.  This book is targeted in scope and application, and focuses on methods that will produce measurable results rather than activity and good intentions.  His four components, grounded on doing a few things, and doing them well, will make it difficult for you to fail in your endeavor to attract and leverage your leaders of the future.”
- Jim Kirkpatrick, Ph.D., Kirkpatrick Partners, Author of Training on Trial

Contact Dan Tobin to help you with building your company’s LDP or to answer any questions about the model.