About Dan Tobin

With more than 30 years of experience in the Talent Development field, Dan Tobin has founded two corporate universities (Digital Equipment Corporation's Networks University and the Wang Global Virtual University), served as vice president of program design and development at the American Management Association, consulted to companies large and small, given workshops and keynotes on five continents, and written seven books on corporate learning strategies.

While most L & D professionals have focused their education on the principles and practices of instructional design, Dan’s education and experience have focused on the larger goals of the organizations for which he has worked – utilizing critical thinking skills to focus on achieving business results.  The result has been that Dan's focus has been first and foremost on tying learning initiatives directly to a company’s business goals and strategies, and then on the principles and practices of instructional design.  

A graduate of Cornell University's Johnson Graduate School of Management, Dan went on to earn his Ph.D. in the Economics of Education at Cornell.  In this way, his educational background differs from most professionals in the field, affording him a somewhat different and unique perspective.  This difference sets his contributions to the field apart from the mainstream of learning and development theory.  

This website centers on Dan's approach, which he calls "On-Target Learning” – where the target is always on business results.  The site also presents information on Dan's two most recent books, "Feeding Your Leadership Pipeline" and "Learn Your Way to Success," along with numerous articles and his new blog.

So, welcome!  We look forward to your comments and reactions.