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Are you getting your money’s worth from investments in leadership development?

Many companies have spent large sums sending a “high potential” individual to an external leadership development program, only to complain that they got no value from the investment. The major reasons why there has been little to no return are that the organization has not done a proper job of planning what that person needs, has not prepared the person before sending them off to the program, and done little-to-nothing to follow-up with the individual after the program. In my article, “How to Get Maximum Value from an Executive/Leadership Development Program,” I present a multi-step approach that will ensure that the individual attending the program and the organization as a whole get maximum value from it. Click the “Articles” tab above and click on the article title to read it.

As always, you comments and your own stories of experiences with these types of programs is most welcome.

Working with Subject-Matter Experts to Develop and Deliver Training

At one time or another, training personnel must rely on subject-matter experts to help them develop and/or deliver training. Over the course of my career I have learned a lot of lessons on what works best in these situations. For more information, please click on the “Articles” tab above and read my article on this subject.

As always, your comments, suggestions, and war stories are more than welcomed.

Dan Tobin