Learn more about Dan’s unique approaches and how they can help your organization:

  • Dan’s “On-Target Learning” approach can help you build practical learning initiatives that directly support the achievement of personal, group, and organizational goals. Learn more about Dan’s approach to “On-Target Learning” below.
  • Dan’s approach to developing your company’s next generation of leaders can prepare tomorrow’s leaders while solving today’s business challenges and improving the current and future performance of your high-potential employees. Learn more about Feeding Your Leadership Pipeline, below.
  • Dan can help you build a “positive learning environment” within your organization, an environment where employees at all levels recognize and use the myriad learning opportunities they have every day, and use those opportunities to achieve their individual, team, and corporate goals. See Learn Your Way to Success, below.


Are you concerned about comments from business leaders that your training programs aren’t adding value to the business?  Dan can help you align your training strategies with your organization’s business goals and strategic initiatives by helping you build a planning process for your training initiatives that start and end with the organization’s business goals.  He can also act as a coach to your training/talent development director as you implement the planning process.

Do you have a current training program that just doesn’t seem to be working?  Dan can review that program and offer ideas on how to make it more relevant to people’s work and to the company’s business strategies.

Do you have a new training challenge and are you looking for creative approaches to designing and developing that program so it will capture participants’ interest while meeting your business objectives?  Dan brings a wealth of experience and creativity to assist with your program design.

Are you looking for cost-effective approaches to building your company’s leadership pipeline  Dan can help you design and build a leadership development program for your high-potential employees to build and nurture that pipeline for the future while improving today’s business results.

Are you challenged by company leaders to prove the value of your training programs?  Dan can help you create effective evaluation strategies that demonstrate your programs’ valie to the company.  The end-of-course evaluation form (“smile sheet”) isn’t enough to demonstrate your programs’ value;  The real key is building in evaluation measures before your start developing any learning program and using those measurements during and after the program.

Are you seeking a dynamic speaker who can challenge your training group, HR group, or employees to make learning an everyday priority at work?  Dan has given keynotes and workshops to professional and employee audiences on five continents.